Procon-RJ carries out joint operation to curb irregularities at gas stations | Rio de Janeiro

Procon-RJ carries out joint operation to curb irregularities at gas stationsDisclosure

Rio – The Procon of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro held “Operation Foot” on the road this Tuesday and Wednesday. The action was in conjunction with the State Finance Department, ANP, Civil Police (Delegated Services Office) and IPEM to inspect and combat fraud at gas stations. The agents inspected 32 gas stations in the Metropolitan, Serrana and Lagos, Baixada, Sul and Norte Fluminense regions. To help consumers, the municipality also conducted a survey of fuel prices in all regions of the state.
The inspectors verified the quality of the fuel, the validity of the products, the verification of the fuel pumps and the transparency of the composition of prices to the consumer. They also supervised the issuance of invoices, the fiscal movement of fuels, relevant documentation, licenses and other administrative infractions.

Banners and promotional posters that mislead the consumer were found at six gas stations. In one of them, the CNG value is highlighted, but in small print, it is indicated that the promotion is only valid from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Although there is information, as the font is small, the driver does not realize that the price is only for a certain time, and ends up being misled.

Ten nozzles were sealed for failing the 20 liter gallon test, which measures the amount of fuel delivered to the consumer and informed on the pump display. Two failed the fuel quality test.

In all, 22 establishments were fined for various infractions. The agents identified the absence of a panel with the values ​​and incidence of taxes, violating the transparency decree; post without a flag with a visual identity that refers to another with a flag; absence of a municipal operating license; absence of complaints book and consumer protection code, among other irregularities.

About 50l of expired or unspecified items were discarded, including oil, brake fluid, radiator additive and also coolant.

Among the tax irregularities found by the Tax Auditors of the State Revenue, there were 11 stations without the Fuel Movement Book. In addition, two establishments did not issue the Invoice to Consumer Electronics (NFC-e). Another illegality, found at three stations, was the use of credit and debit card machines from another establishment.

Action took place in the following municipalities: Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, Nilópolis, Nova Iguaçu, Petrópolis, Maricá, Saquarema, Seropédica, Paracambi, Paulo de Frontin, Silva Jardim, Itaboraí, Campos, São Gonçalo, Itaguaí, Rio Bonito, Nova Friburgo and Rio das Ostras. In the latter, the municipality had the support of the Municipal Procons.

Fuel price research

Agents of the Procon of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro carried out a survey of prices for fuels, lubricants and oil change services in 51 establishments that sell these products throughout the state between 13/08/21 and 18/08/ 21.

The lowest value found for regular gasoline was in the Quintino neighborhood, in the Metropolitan Region (North Zone), with a liter at R$ 6.19. The maximum value was found in Lagoa, in the South Zone of Rio, with a liter at R$ 6.90. Ethanol with the cheapest price was found in the Serrana Region, with a liter at R$ 4.85, in Nova Friburgo. The maximum value of R$ 6.00 was also found in Lagoa, in the South Zone of Rio. Vehicle natural gas consumers will pay less for fuel in Baixada Fluminense with m3 at R$ 3.85 in Nova Iguaçu and more expensive in the Downtown Rio, with the m3 at R$4.99.