PSG wants Gabriel Jesus to replace Mbappé and Palmeiras can win big

The transfer window in European football enters the final stretch and speculation and polls heat up. Gabriel Jesus joined the PSG’s agenda, which presented a proposal to Manchester City to be able to count on the spawn of the Palestrina Academy in its cast. The French club’s idea is that Gabriel is a possible replacement for Mbappé, who is very close to moving to Real Madrid. The information is from

Although the Brazilian player is part of the most sought after options by PSG in the market, the negotiation would face certain difficulties imposed by the English club. Indications indicate that City is far from thinking about giving up Gabriel Jesus. Recently, in a survey made to hire Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus even agreed to analyze the proposal, however, asked Jesus to be part of the transaction. The British refused and the negotiation, if it happens, the British must shell out 25 million pounds (BRL 179.6 million at the current price) to have CR7 for two seasons.

In a negotiation involving Gabriel Jesus, Palmeiras would have the right to a percentage of the money moved. Through FIFA’s solidarity mechanism, 5% compensation is distributed proportionally to the training clubs according to the period in which the athlete was registered, between the 12th and 23rd birthday seasons.

Gabriel Jesus worked at Palmeiras more or less from mid-2012 until 2016. This applies to ages in the following way. The striker defended Palestra from mid-season from the 15th anniversary to the end of the 19th anniversary season. With that, the club expects to receive a slice that is just above 2% of any future transfer of the player.