Pyong does not celebrate and hugs Antonela after winning a challenge

Pyong Lee won the survival challenge against ally Antonela Avellaneda on “Island Record”. The Argentine-born model is the sixth participant to join the season’s group of exiles.

“It wasn’t a very good victory to be against an ally in the game,” said the ex-BBB. He did not celebrate after the end of the challenge and hugged the model, who regretted the result.

During the race, Pyong and Antonela crossed a circuit with obstacles while balancing a ball in a punctured container. “Whoever stays here continues with the extermination mission,” he said about the continuity of the reality show.

Before leaving for exile, Antonela chose Pyong and Nadja Pessoa to keep their pieces of the map. Pyong will return home as one of the team leaders in the next cycle.

“I’m going to nominate Mirella, Dinei or Any Borges,” said the ex-BBB player, pointing out what the targets will be if he wins the next team competition of the season.

Before Antonela’s defeat in the survival challenge, the relationship between her and Pyong was a topic among the reality’s participants. Nadja Pessoa commented on the proximity between them after the hypnologist remained lying in the same bed as the model during the day.

Pyong and Sammy are together on a spiritual retreat held in Minas Gerais. According to information from the influencer’s press office, the two arrived separately at the place and are staying in different rooms.

The two parted shortly after the reality show. The digital influencer communicated about the divorce after Record released the first teaser for “Ilha Record”. In one of the images, the ex-BBB and Antonela appeared lying on the same bed.

Pyong is still in the village! Who do you want to win the ‘Island Record’?


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV




Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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