Pyong hugs Antonela; ‘Woman will be put*’, says Nadja

Pyong Lee and Antonela Avellaneda bonded again after being nominated for the “Island Record” survival challenge won by the former BBC. The two lay in the same bed during the night and the situation bothered Nadja Pessoa.

“Your wife will be very put*. She is very attached to you. You live very attached here,” said the participant in conversation with Pyong. “I know it’s more of a friendship, we get needy around here. He likes the touch thing, the hug”, he analyzed.

Nadja took the opportunity to give advice to the ex-BBB. “I’d shave your head. I’m jealous. You didn’t even go home. I’d tell you to transfer the money and get out of my way,” she said of the approaching participants.

“I would have several DR’s with you at the end of the show. I would listen to what you have to say, but then I would point out everything I didn’t like to see.”

In the aftermath, Pyong claimed that Nadja had aroused “psychological terror” about the relationship between him and Antonela. The hypnologist highlighted that some attitudes could be misinterpreted by Sammy.

The separation of Pyong Lee and Sammy was announced shortly after the reality show. The digital influencer communicated about the divorce after Record released the first teaser for “Ilha Record”. In one of the images, the ex-BBB and Antonela appeared lying on the same bed.

Pyong and Sammy are together on a spiritual retreat held in Minas Gerais. According to information from the influencer’s press office, the two arrived separately at the place and are staying in different rooms.

Other explorers were also bothered

The relationship between Pyong and Antonela was also commented on by participants who are in the village and in exile. In conversation, Dinei and Any Borges agreed that they would not like to see a partner (a) in bed with another person in a reality show.

Lucas Selfie and Claudinho Matos also regretted Pyong’s stance. “He’s so focused on the alliances in the game that he forgot the one on his finger,” said the former “Farm 12” contestant.

Fans also fretted over the relationship after Pyong and Antonela stayed in bed together during the afternoon before the survival challenge. “It’s getting gross,” said one of the show’s fans.

Pyong is still in the village! Who do you want to win the ‘Island Record’?


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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


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Antonio Chahestian/Record TV

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