Pyong Lee and Sammy travel to spiritual retreat in MG – 26/08/2021

Pyong Lee and Sammy are together on a spiritual retreat in Minas Gerais. However, according to information from the influencer’s press office, the two arrived separately at the site and are staying in different rooms. The ex-couple also has different schedules.

To UOL, the press office also stated that Sammy has been at the spiritual retreat for a week, as he entered the site last Thursday (19) with the intention of “rebuilding his relationship with Christ”.

According to information from the Em Off column, the two are at Estância Paraíso – Ministry of Restoring Lives, a place often frequented by celebrities seeking to meet spiritually.

Pyong Lee and Sammy announced their separation after footage from a “Record TV” call aired and showed the hypnotist in bed with participant Antonella.

The influencer revealed the end of the marriage in July. At the time, she claimed to have lied to her one-year-old son as a result of her marriage to Pyong.

You know how hard I tried, how wrong I was to lie to myself, to save this marriage. Jesus, what do I do? I give my life into your hands, God, please don’t let my child feel the pain. Son, writing this with you in your lap is too painful. Yes, my marriage is over. I lack the strength to type anything else.

O UOL contacted Pyong Lee’s staff, but had no response until the note was published.