Ramírez raises the ball from Athletico and pinpoints a mess at Inter: “If I knew, I would have made a better choice”

Two months after leaving Internacional, coach Miguel Ángel Ramírez broke the silence. In an interview with the broadcaster DirecTV, from Ecuador, the coach commented on his experience in Brazil and made clear his disappointment at the time at Beira-Rio. Furthermore, the athletic came to light when the Spaniard praised the way the club works in Paraná.

In recent days, Ramírez, who made a deal with Charlotte FC of the United States, paid a visit to Independiente del Valle, a club with which he gained prominence on the international scene. In Quito, Ramírez admitted that he regrets having directed Inter without knowing the real backstage of what was happening in Beira-Rio.

“Without a doubt, if I knew what was inside the club (International), I would have made a better choice than the one I decided”, said the Spaniard. “It was a stage of a lot of learning, growing. I realized where I want to be and where I don’t. I don’t want to do things anyway. Being inside, I felt wrong. But if it had happened like that, it was because I had to go through this experience. “, completed Ramirez.

Ramírez failed in his project at Inter and was fired after an early crash in the Copa do Brasil (Photo: Silvio Avila/Getty Images Brazil)

The coach stated that “only two clubs in Brazil are consistent with the word project: Red Bull Bragantino and Athletico”. The club from Paraná even probed Ramírez at the end of 2019 while the coach was managing Del Valle, then champion of the Copa Sudamericana.

In 2021, Ramírez directed Inter in less than six months. He took over in March after the end of the last season – which entered the new year because of the Covid-19 pandemic -, but failed in the Copa do Brasil (fell in the third phase for Vitória) and came from poor results in the Brazilian Championship.

Athletico, on the other hand, bet on the Portuguese António Oliveira, then assistant to Paulo Autuori, and has been reaping the rewards. Hurricane is the only big club in Brazil alive in four competitions: Paranaense, Copa do Brasil, Sudamericana and Serie A.

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