Rani dies, half a meter tall dwarf cow that caught the world’s attention

dwarf cow rani

The Rani dwarf cow. Photo: Facebook/reproduction

The dwarf cow Rani, which has become an attraction in recent months at just 51 centimeters tall and 26 kilos, died last Thursday, 19, in Bangladesh, an Asian country that neighbors India.

According to information from the government and local agencies, the death happened due to a swelling in the stomach. “We even took her to the veterinary hospital, but however, the vets were unable to save her life and she died within hours,” Sajedul Islam, a local livestock official, told the state agency Anadolu.

dwarf cow

Photo: Facebook/reproduction

According to the breeder, Rani died a few days before receiving the title of smallest cow in the world by Guinness World Records. Currently, the title belongs to Manikyam, who is 61.1 centimeters tall and was born in India. She was entered in the record books in 2014.

Dwarf cow turned rural sensation

In July, even with movement restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, visitors kept coming to the city. Shikor Agro, property dedicated to the breeding of cattle, goats and poultry and fruit production.

Rani was almost two years old, but smaller than an ordinary calf. The intention of the owners of Shikor Agro was that it would be officially recognized as the smallest copy in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, but the animal’s death happened before the official registration.