RMP: If Renato wins the Libertadores and the Worlds, he beats Jorge Jesus – 08/26/2021

Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, who led Flamengo in the campaign in which the club won the titles of the Campeonato Brasileiro and Libertadores, said that Renato Gaúcho will never repeat his history in Rubro-negro, considering that, even if the current coach wins titles , should not do something similar.

In your participation in the program UOL News Sport, Renato Maurício Prado says that it is very difficult to repeat Jesus, but believes that Renato Gaúcho can even surpass the Portuguese coach if he manages to win the titles of the Libertadores and the World Club Championship.

“It’s really hard for you to repeat Jorge Jesus. If you win the Brazilian Championship and Libertadores in the same year, only Flamengo won in the era of running points, Santos also won, but back then, in a time when there was no Brazilian Championship, it was Taça Brasil, it was a much shorter championship, much easier, and it was Santos do Pelé”, says Renato.

“Now, Renato Gaúcho can beat him, if Renato Gaúcho wins the three championships, he’ll already beat Jorge Jesus. I’ll say more, he doesn’t even have to win all three, if Renato Gaúcho wins the Libertadores and the Worlds, that’s enough , he already beats Jorge Jesus. Flamengo is three games away from being champion of the Libertadores, which doesn’t mean it will be, but it is three games away, two of these theoretically easy games, and then they are two games away from being champion of the world”, he completes.

The journalist also compares the achievements of the two coaches against Grêmio and sees yesterday’s victory at the Grêmio stadium as more impactful than the 2019 semifinals, due to the fact that he achieved the result playing with one player less.

“Jorge Jesus, take care, because what is the most impressive result: Jorge Jesus’ cincum at Maracanã, 11 against 11, or Renato Gaúcho’s 4 with one less player at Arena do Grêmio? the second result. In the opponent’s home and with one less player. I’ve never seen a team with one less player win 4-0, build the 4-0 with one less player,” says Renato.

“Furthermore, at least so far, Renato’s start is superior to Jorge Jesus’. Renato’s start is an impressive thing, 13 games, 11 wins, one draw and only one defeat, 87% success, 41 goals scored, an average of three goals per game, even Jorge Jesus couldn’t do that. Of course, Renato can from now on his performance start to drop, he might even finish the year without winning any title, but he can also win all three , which would be more than Jorge Jesus. So I think it’s cool, I love this little fight Renato and Jorge Jesus, the two of them live cucumbering, it’s a delight, “he concludes.

Jorge Jesus says that Renato Gaúcho will ‘never’ repeat his story at Flamengo

Today at Benfica, coach Jorge Jesus was asked this Tuesday (24) about the start of Renato Gaúcho’s work at Flamengo. At the time of the question, the reporter stated that Renato Gaúcho “hasn’t won any title yet and hasn’t made the story” that Jesus obtained at the helm of the Rio team.

“Neither will ever do,” the Portuguese coach soon countered in an interview with SBT, adding that Renato’s start to work at the Brazilian club is no better than his.

“Better than mine, it’s not true. Because Flamengo’s score in the Campeonato Brasileiro and in the Libertadores, Flamengo won’t score the points we did. Being champion is possible. Four points behind, when we got to Flamengo we had nine (behind) and we were winners. But it’s difficult to do the same thing we did in 14 months,” stated the Portuguese.