Sammy and Pyong Lee go on spiritual retreat after separation, and influencer’s team reveals why; know details

A month after the announcement of the end of their marriage, Sammy and Pyong Lee are together in a spiritual retreat, located in Minas Gerais. The influencer’s advisors confirmed the news on Thursday (26), after speculation began to circulate in the media.

Recently, the journalist Erlan Bastos had already revealed that both would be at Estância Paraíso – Ministério Restorando Vidas, which is frequented by famous people. Now, Sammy’s team has reported that the influencer entered the retreat a week ago, last Thursday (19). According to UOL, the reason would have been her intention to “rebuild her relationship with Christ”.

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Sammy and Pyong Lee have entered a spiritual retreat, but are in separate rooms. (Photo: Reproduction)
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However, according to the columnist of the newspaper “O Dia”, Fábia Oliveira, Pyong and Sammy are not spending all their time together. “Both arrived separately, are staying in different rooms and on different schedules”, they told the journalist. Despite this, the former couple would also be cultivating a good relationship because of their little son, Jake, who is only one year old.

the end of marriage

The separation of Pyong and Sammy happened last month, after a series of factors that occurred before the debut of “Ilha Record”. Initially, Leo Dias reported that the hypnologist had “jumped the fence” in confinement with Antonela Avellaneda. At first, the speculation generated public cursing and an exchange of accusations among those involved, and Sammy even said that her husband “I had not fallen into temptation”.

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Shortly thereafter, the preview of the reality show mentioned the word “cheating” on a sign and showed a scene of Pyong Lee lying in bed with a woman. After the screening, Sammy appeared on social networks announcing the end, just sharing screenshots of the video. “You know how hard I tried, how wrong I was to lie to myself, to save this marriage. Jesus, what do I do? I give my life in your hands, God, please don’t let my son feel my pain! Son, writing this with you on your lap is too painful”, she wrote.

“Yes, my marriage is over. I lack the strength to type anything else”added the blonde in Stories. Sammy also deleted photos alongside the ex-BBB from his profile, as well as stopped following him. Pyong also unfollowed the influencer, but didn’t delete the photos with her ex.

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Antonela’s strategy

Antonela Avellaneda, on the other hand, who was appointed as the pivot of the end, rebutted the accusations. In an exclusive interview with, she denied any interest in the hypnotist and revealed that she has been married for three years. According to her, flirting on reality television was nothing more than a game strategy, developed by her and her husband. “I realized that my strategy could work better than the others, so for me it’s a game. Everything that happened on the reality show, regardless of the tests, the alliances, the votes, everything for me was part of a great strategy that I set up abroad, before joining ‘Ilha Record'”, stated.

Antonela Avellaneda and businessman Tati Fdez have been together for three years. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Also according to the Argentine, when she agreed to participate in the reality show, she received support from her husband, businessman Tati Fdez, who helped her prepare for the dispute. “We combined the strategy. Every move, every word, we even combined what my alliances would be. I played for me! To earn the 500 thousand”, said. Read and learn all the details by clicking here.