Santander job vacancies have applications for trainees; salary of BRL 6.7 thousand

Banco Santander announced the opening of jobs to Trainee Program of the financial institution. Thus, registration will be open until September 2nd for those interested who wish to apply.

Santander job vacancies have applications for trainees;  salary of BRL 6.7 thousand
Santander job vacancies have applications for trainees; salary of BRL 6.7 thousand (Image: IQ Accounts)

The salary is BRL 6,700 including benefits such as: food vouchers, meal vouchers, transportation vouchers, medical and dental assistance and private pension.

According to information released by the bank, there are more than 100 vacancies to work in the city of São Paulo (SP) and new talent from all over the country, graduated between December 2019 and December 2021, can apply.

The financial institution also emphasized that there is no restriction on courses or universities, it is just that all candidates meet the training period requirements established in the selection process.

  • Graduation between December/2019 and December/2021 in any course;
  • Availability to work and travel to any state;
  • If a foreigner, have a visa to work in Brazil;
  • Knowledge in English will be analyzed according to the need for each opportunity;
  • Previous work experience can be a differentiator.

Lasting 11 months, the program consists of 3 rotations within the bank’s areas. Trainees will be accompanied by executives from the organization, who will act as mentors.

Steps to apply for job openings at Santander

The selection process to apply for the vacancies offered consists of five steps. After registration, candidates will participate in an online meeting.

Subsequently, the candidate participates in a group dynamic and interviews with HR, in order, in November, to participate in a panel with managers.

The final interview with the person responsible for the chosen area also takes place in November, before admission in December of this year, 2021.

Additional benefits of job vacancies at Santander

It is also worth noting that the best-evaluated candidates, over the 11-month duration of the program, will have the opportunity to do an exchange program at one of Santander’s units in Latin America.

Santander, in addition to being elected one of the 10 globally relevant companies, according to the Fortune ranking, also received two awards from Guia Exame as the number 1 bank in sustainability and leader in diversity.

To register, interested parties can apply. register by Cia de Talentos website.

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Santander job vacancies have applications for trainees; salary of BRL 6.7 thousand

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