São Paulo opens the game about Volpi’s departure and exposes 3 deficiencies in the cast; Curly is watching

In the last two knockout decisions, against palm trees and strength, respectively, James Volpi failed. The most glaring of them was this last week, when the team of vojvoda sought the tie after taking 2 goals from rigoni. The fans’ patience seems to have ended, as the goalkeeper is not confident and has been decisive (negatively) in some results.

“Coaches don’t like to talk about someone (individually), I won’t be the exception. It was time for a team that deserved to win the game, a pity the situation. With 2-0 we would have a good advantage. This did not happened. We’ll have to win if we want to reach the semifinals in the return game”, explained Curly, in press conference.

On the web, the hashtag #OutsideVolpi was raised and gained a gigantic repercussion. O São Paulo, however, does not think about hiring a new goalkeeper. The information is from Jorge Nicola, at the YouTube. Therefore, volpi remains in the starting lineup – at least until the end of this season.

Despite the bad phase, the medallion is very well regarded internally and its departure was not considered. The immediate booking of volpi It’s Lucas Perri, 23 years old, graduated from the base. The young man, however, did not pass much security when he was fired. Thiago Couto, 22, occupies the position of third goalkeeper. According to “GE.com”, the Tricolor sees deficiencies in the positions of center forward, first defensive midfielder and defender.

O São Paulo, it is worth remembering, made seven signings this season. Remember!

Miranda (defender)
Orejuela (right side)
Martín Benítez (half)
William (steering wheel)
Rigoni, Eder and Bruno Rodrigues (strikers)