See how Santos “dribbles” intermediaries in negotiations for reinforcements

Santos’ football department is careful to avoid “ghost” intermediaries in negotiations for reinforcements.

Many entrepreneurs get authorization from athletes and offer them to clubs. When a conversation progresses, they show up and ask for a commission.

To avoid this embarrassment, executive André Mazzuco calls directly the player of interest. If the answer is yes, he asks who the responsible agent is. From then on, the Fish only talks to that person.

In the case of Emiliano Velázquez, eight businessmen went to Santos to say that they work with the defender or that they indicated and deserve money. One of them even announced intermediation on social networks with wrong information. In contact with Mazzuco, the Uruguayan informed that the person responsible is Pablo Rivero, from Sport Business.

On the recommendation of President Andres Rueda, Peixe does not pay commissions to businessmen. In this way, it is the player who must reimburse the agent.

Emiliano Velázquez will even undergo medical exams this Friday to sign until December 2022, with the possibility of renewal for a longer time. If Santos wants the 27-year-old Uruguayan from 2023 onwards, it will have to pay a pre-established amount. The announcement should take place this Friday.

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