Sérgio Reis gives up on album after artists cancel participation

sÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – After so much controversy and mass cancellations, the partnership album by Sérgio Reis, 81, will no longer be released. The information was confirmed by Marco Bavini, his son and producer of the album.

“No one else regrets it. I’ve been recording and building this project for almost five years of recording. Unfortunately it was like that. The record doesn’t exist anymore,” he told G1. Wanted, Bavini had not yet responded to requests.

Names such as Anastácia, Zé Ramalho, Maria Rita, Guilherme Arantes and Gutemberg Guarabyra (from the duo Sá and Guarabyra) had already announced that they would no longer be part of the project.

Only Paula Fernandes, 36, said this Monday (23) that she would continue to lend her voice to Reis’ next album. Through her press office, the singer from Minas Gerais said that Reis participated in an album of hers at the beginning of her career and that she has “enormous gratitude”, as well as a lot of respect for his career. “The decision is absolutely artistic”.

Sérgio Reis caused controversy after the leak of an audio in which he claims that truck drivers would stop the country in September until the Senate removed the ministers of the Supreme Court (STF) from their positions. On Friday (20), the Federal Police even carried out a search and seizure action at his house.

Reis said in a conversation with a friend that “if they don’t take the guys out in 30 days, we’ll invade, break everything and take the guys out. That’s it. That’s how it’s going to be. And things are serious.” He also reported on a meeting he had with President Jair Bolsonaro himself and with military personnel “from the Army, Navy and Air Force”, in which he informed what he would do.

“I made a mistake, I want to apologize, even to the Supreme”, said the singer in an interview with Roberto Cabrini on Domingo Espetacular (Record). “I’m a person who only thinks well of others. And now they want to finish me off as if I were a criminal. I’m not a criminal.”