Simaria shocks when showing what happened to her mansion after separating from her husband

Simaria shows what happened to her mansion after separating from her husband (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

On the last wednesday (25), Simaria showed his followers a change that was promoted in his mansion after his divorce from the Spanish businessman Vincent Writer.

The singer, who is a country duo with Simone, showed through the Stories that her daughter, Giovanna, turned the bathroom that belonged to her father into a toy library.

“What have you done here my love?”, asked the friend to the heiress, after entering the room and seeing all the change. The girl later explained the attitude.

“So, since my daddy doesn’t have this bathroom anymore, I said: ‘Mommy is not going to use this bathroom, so I’m going to do something here'”, declared Gio, 9 years old.

“So I had the idea to make the panda club. Then I have our little dog, the unicorn stuff, mini octopus, costume jewelry”he said next.

It is worth remembering that the end of Simaria’s 14-year marriage to Vicente was announced through a post on social networks.

“My loves, good afternoon! Before the news gets out, I’ll tell you myself! I communicate to everyone that my relationship with Vicente came to an end after 14 years.” wrote the artist.

“It was a thoughtful decision, very clearly. We had a beautiful time together, two wonderful children, who are our greatest wealth. I ask God that Vincent is very happy, because he deserves it”, he continued.

In another excerpt of the statement, the famous clarified that she intends to go on with the joy of living she always had.

“I want to thank everyone for their support. I intend, from now on, to be even happier, even without the man I once loved so much”, he stated.

“I take this opportunity to reassure my fans and say that I’m fine. Every change that happens for the better will always be welcome! We will continue writing our lives, with beautiful stories, regardless of whether we are together or not”, ended.

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