Simaria’s daughter transforms her father’s old bathroom into a playroom after the couple’s separation

The girl also commented that her father would no longer use the bathroom, so she decided to use it for him

By: Maria Luise Brey | 26 August – 09:53

Simaria shared with his followers the surprise he had with his daughter Giovanna, this Wednesday (25). The singer showed that her daughter gave a new use to the bathroom of her father, who recently left the family mansion after the couple’s separation.

The 9-year-old girl turned the place into a toy library. “What have you done here my love?”, asked Simaria when he arrived in the old bathroom.

“So, since my daddy doesn’t have this bathroom anymore, I said: ‘Mom is not going to use this bathroom, so I’m going to do something here.’ So I had the idea to make the panda club. Then I have our little dog, unicorn things, mini octopus, costume jewelry”, explained Giovanna, all cute.

Story Simaria

Source: Play/ Instagram

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