Singer and songwriter Erasmo Carlos tests positive for covid-19

posted on 08/27/2021 08:28 AM

  (credit: Guto Costa/Disclosure)

(credit: Guto Costa/Disclosure)

Singer and songwriter Erasmo Carlos, 80, tested positive for covid-19. Confirmation came from Tremendão itself in a video posted on Instagram.

“Urgent vaccine for everyone! Take care, get vaccinated and cheer for me”, says the singer in the caption. In the video, Erasmo appears with a slightly weak voice, telling that he was infected by covid-19, “even though he kept all the care and was vaccinated twice.”

Tremendão also said that it is on the third day of confinement, “as my doctors ordered”, and asked “that everyone hope to pass quickly.”

In the comments, John Herbert Filho, son of actress Eva Wilma, asks: “take care of yourself, for God’s sake.” Other names such as Serginho Groisman and Lúcio Mauro Filho also wished Erasmo Carlos better.