Son of the owner of ‘Prato Fino’ rice attacks the SUS: “P** in the c* of the SUS. I just want it to be sold”

Fábio Rigo, son of Celso Rigo, founder of the rice producer company Prato Fino, used social media last Wednesday (25th) to attack the Unified Health System (SUS). In his statement, the heir questioned the effectiveness of vaccines against Covid-19 and declared that he prefers the “law of the jungle”.

Quite altered and using bad words, Fábio wrote: “And p** in the c* of SUS. I want more to be sold. Who can cry more less. Law of the jungle. I had Covid and it didn’t tickle me. I prefer Covid to this vaccine shit.”

After publication, Fábio’s Twitter profile was taken offline and his access is no longer available. On other platforms, Celso’s son claimed that the episode is a ‘hacker invasion’ on his social network. “Unfortunately I had my Twitter account hacked and I ended up losing access, which brought me numerous problems. We are already investigating. Thank you,” said Fábio.

With the repercussion of the episode on social networks, the rice producer “Prato Fino”, Pirahy Alimentos, lamented what happened to Fábio and warned its consumers of the risks and dangers of virtual ‘scams’.

Note from Pirahy Alimentos

PIRAHY Alimentos informs about the hacker attack that occurred on the social networks of one of its Directors and alerts the population to pay attention to scams, generation and multiplication of false information.


Pirahy Foods

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