Sordi returns Sapato’s provocation: “Maradona was better than Pelé, I don’t even need to play” | combat

If Antônio Cara de Sapato is going to face his first Argentine opponent in the cage, Emiliano Sordi knows what it’s like to face the Brazilians. He’s been through Jungle Fight and other national events around here before moving to the US. Current PFL light heavyweight champion (under 93kg), Sordi will face Sapato this Friday in the semifinals of the 2021 season. Like the Brazilian, the Argentine fighter guarantees that the atmosphere is friendly, even though some friends have asked him to go a little further.

– I see my friends saying: “Wow, you’re going to fight a Brazilian, beat him up”… Stop it, my brother! He is Brazilian, not English, for us he is a brother. But there’s always this football rivalry that we take to the cage. But the truth is, he’s all right, I don’t have a problem with anyone. It’s just this work. But you also know that Maradona was better than Pelé, I don’t even need to play (laughs) – Sordi said in an interview with Combate, in response to Sapato’s joke.

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Antônio Cara de Sapato x Emiliano Sordi PFL semifinal — Photo: Playback / YouTube

By the way, Sapato revealed that after the last round of the qualifying phase, the two played with the Brazil x Argentina rivalry. Sordi revealed that he doesn’t like football, but made a point of making a point during his time in Brazil, between 2011 and 2012.

– The truth is that I don’t know shit about football, I don’t know if he does. I spoke to him after the fight, but I don’t remember if he said whether he likes it or not. I do not like football too much. But when I lived in Brazil, I lived in the favela, and I came down on the first day wearing an Argentina shirt, because I knew I had to. The first thing they did was: who is better, Pelé or Maradona? I said: “of course Maradona”. If I said it was Pelé, I would be their child all the time. I think it’s a joke that doesn’t have a problem.

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Emiliano Sordi reached the semi-finals fourth in the qualifying round with four points, after beating Chris Camozzi on points and drawing with Dan Spohn. Cara de Sapato was the leader of the classification stage, with seven points. He submitted Tom Lawlor in the first round, which earned him six points, and then another one after a “no contest” in the duel with Vinny Magalhães. And what path will the Argentine take to win this fight?

– I have to take down, pass guard and submit him. Lie (laughs). I have to stand up with him, of course. But if I go to the ground, I train jiu-jitsu every day. People don’t know that because I almost always fight standing up, but I train jiu-jitsu there at Atos with André Galvão every day. If it goes to the ground, it’s not the best thing for me, it’s never on the ground, because that’s his strength, but if it goes to the ground it won’t be very easy (for him). I have the confidence to catch him too.

Owner of the belt won in 2019 – in 2020 there was no tournament in the PFL because of the pandemic -, Sordi guarantees that he doesn’t feel pressured by it.

– It’s more of a fight, for me it’s the same thing. When you close the cage, the belt is out, your friends are out, everyone is out. There’s just you, the glove and the mouthguard in there. For me, when it’s time to fight, there’s no pressure (for the belt).

Emiliano Sordi PFL was champion in the 2019 season — Photo: Publicity

PFL 2021 – Semifinals 3 – Featherweights and Medium Heavyweights
August 27, 2021, in Fort Lauderdale (USA)
MAIN CARD (11:00 pm, Brasília time):
Featherweight: Brendan Loughnane vs. Movlid Khaybulaev (semi-finals)
Featherweight: Chris Wade v Bubba Jenkins (semi-finals)
Medium heavyweight: Antônio Cara de Sapato x Emiliano Sordi (semi-finals)
Light heavyweight: Cezar Mutante vs. Marthin Hamlet (semi-finals)
PRELIMINARY CARD (19:30, Brasília time):
Featherweight: Sheymon Moraes vs. Lazar Sojadinovic
Light Heavyweight: Chris Camozzi vs. Cory Hendricks
Featherweight: Anthony Dizy vs. Jesse Stirn
Featherweight: Jason Knight vs. Bobby Moffett
Featherweight: Alejandro Flores x Carl Deaton
Lightweight: Brandon Jenkins vs. Jacob Kilburn

Knockouts duel in the main event of the night. It’s live only in Combate!