Street League: Brazil seeks world title in skateboarding with Letícia Bufoni and medalists on the rise

After success at the Tokyo Olympics, skateboarding is back on its main stage. The main competitors in the world compete today and tomorrow, in Salt Lake City (USA), for the first stage of the Street League Skateboarding (SLS), the sport’s world league. Brazil is looking for the highest place on the podium with some favorites and something new. Besides Letícia Bufoni, Rayssa Leal, Pâmela Rosa and Kelvin Hoefler, who were in Tokyo, Luan Oliveira returns to the circuit after a year and a half out of work.

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The semifinals will be broadcast on SporTV and are scheduled for 15:30 (GMT). This Saturday, the women’s final takes place at 5:30 pm and the men’s at 8:00 pm.

The current champions are the North American Nyjah Huston and the Brazilian Pamela Rosa. The skateboarder is one of the 11 representatives of the country in the tournament — there would be 12, but Gabriela Mazetto is out of the stage. The doubt is in Pamela’s condition, still not 100% after tearing the ligament in her left ankle before the Olympic Games.

Who arrives in high is Letícia Bufoni. The paulista recently won the gold medal at X-Games and the title of the Red Bull Paris Conquest last week. Optimistic, she sees SLS as the defining factor for creating a larger skateboarding fan base and is excited to compete in the face of the sport’s greater visibility.

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— Skateboarding became one of the most prestigious sports by the general public after the Olympics. It’s a reflection of our work, so it’s very gratifying to follow it all up close and be able to participate in another competition — says Letícia, Street League champion in 2015.


Also favorites, Kelvin Hoefler and Rayssa Leal will compete in the first official competition after winning Olympic silver. The chance of good performance increases in a stage marked by injuries. In the men’s, the Japanese Olympic champion, Yuto Horigome, will be embezzled. In the female, the Japanese Aori Nishimura and the Filipino Marielyn Didal will also not participate, but the Fairy will meet Momiji Nishiya, gold in Tokyo.

“I’m going to do what I love most in life, which is to have a lot of fun on the track and do my best to represent Brazil well,” said Rayssa Leal.

— I am very happy to be able to compete again after winning the medal in Japan. I hope to maintain the good level and show my best tricks to the public. I’ve dedicated myself a lot in the last few days and I hope to achieve a good result in this first stage — says Kelvin Hoefler, who won the Street League in 2015.

The big news is the return of 30-year-old Luan de Oliveira from Rio Grande do Sul. He won the 2015 Los Angeles and New Jersey rounds of the Street League and holds three medals in X-Games. A darling of skateboarding fans on social media, it was an absence felt in Tokyo after being injured for a long period.

— Photo: SLS
— Photo: SLS

“After a year and a half off, I’m very happy to get back to competing in the Street League, one of the biggest skateboarding championships in the world,” he says.

Brazil will also have Marina Gabriela competing in the women’s. Among the men are Felipe Gustavo, Tiago Lemos, Lucas Rabelo, Carlos Ribeiro and Filipe Mota.

  • Stage 1 — Salt Lake City, USA — August 27th and 28th
  • Stage 2 — Miami, United States — October 29th and 30th
  • Stage 3 (SLS End) — Jacksonville, USA — November 13th and 14th

How does step sorting work?

Street League regulations are different between male and female, with an extra round for men.

  • Global round: 75 skaters ranked or invited compete. The top 10 advance.
  • Quarterfinals: 32 skaters compete: those ranked between 21st and 38th in the ranking, the 10 skaters in the global round and four skaters chosen based on past performances. The top 10 advance.
  • Semifinals: 30 skaters compete: those classified between 1st and 20th in the ranking and the 10 who advanced from the quarterfinals. The top eight advance.
  • Final: dispute the eight classified of the semifinal. Whoever wins is the champion of the stage.

In women’s games, there is no quarter-final stage. The female stage has the following rules:

  • Global round: 75 classified or invited skaters compete. The top 12 advance.
  • Semifinals: 30 skaters compete: those classified between 1st and 18th in the ranking and the 12 who advanced from the quarterfinals. The top eight advance.
  • Final: dispute the eight classified of the semifinal. Whoever wins is the champion of the stage.

In the Super Crown Championship, in Jacksonville, the rules are the same as in the Olympic Games: the eight best classified after scoring in all stages face off in the decision. Whoever wins is the world skate street champion.