Suzano Company opens enrollment for vacancies in trainee program

Suzano, the largest eucalyptus pulp manufacturer in the world and one of the largest paper producers in Latin America, has open enrollment for its 2022 Trainee Program.

Trainees will undergo a Development Plan during their journey at Suzano, developing a global vision of the company and its different businesses: Pulp, Forest, Paper and Consumer Goods.

To participate, training is required between December 2019 and December 2021 in any undergraduate course. English is not an evaluation criterion.

“We want to attract professionals with a great potential for ambition and growth, and who, like us, dream of generating positive impacts in the world through responsible action, believing that diversity strengthens us with the sum of different accents, origins and ideas” , informs the company.

According to the company, those selected will have a salary compatible with the market, dental care, medical care, life insurance, meal vouchers or cafeteria at the industrial units, transport or charter vouchers at the industrial units, private pension, Pharmacy and flexible working hours.

“Participating in Suzano’s trainee program is a process of learning and constant challenge. I feel that we are always facing real problems that make a difference for the company, providing an opportunity to get to know the business as a whole, from very operational and day-to-day issues, to more strategic issues and a long-term vision. All this combined with a strong exposure to leadership. It is an unparalleled experience of accelerated professional and personal development!” said Eduardo Schirmer Heberle, Trainee at the Head Office in São Paulo.

Suzano is present in several cities in the country such as São Paulo (SP), Suzano (SP), Limeira (SP), Jacareí (SP), Itapetininga (SP), Fortaleza (CE), Imperatriz (MA), Aracruz (ES) , Três Lagoas (MS), Mucuri (BA) and Belém (PA).

Selection process steps

Selection for Suzano’s trainee program includes the following steps:

  1. Registration (Aug/Sep)
  2. Online Assessments (September)
  3. Digital Squad (October)
  4. Suzano Hack (November)
  5. Interviews Committee (November)
  6. Start of the Program (Jan/2022)

All steps of the process will be online and all communication will be done via email.

Development plan

Suzano trainee program participants undergo a robust Development Plan, with a team ready to enhance profiles and transform talents into future leaders. The plan includes the leadership of projects with an impact on strategic pillars, such as:

  • Advanced setting: Moment to open doors to discover an overview of areas and functions, showing that we are together and integrated as a whole. This means getting to know the entire production chain of the company, and its pillars (Forestry, Industrial, Ports, Commercial, Parque das Neblinas, CDs, Conversation with Directors).
  • Functional Atmosphere: Moment when our Trainees know their areas/units of action.
  • Individual Mentoring Program: We believe that one of the best ways to learn is teaching. The mentoring program is an experience enriched by the exchange of knowledge and point of view that contributes to our individual and collective development.
  • Meeting with Sponsor: You will develop a high-impact project for Suzano, for that, have a leader in the area as your Sponsor to support the development of the project!
  • Contributing to the future: In addition to being mentored, it is believed that in order to develop the skill of “Forming People”, it is also important that you practice. You will then have the opportunity to mentor a young person through our volunteer program to provide career and career guidance for those just starting out.
    Our Trainees also participate in technical and behavioral training, such as leadership fundamentals and presentation skills. In addition, it lives in a highly collaborative environment that encourages innovation, co-creation and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Action Learning: These are projects of great impact, developed in groups, and that have visibility to the Board/CEO.

How to apply for the selection

Those interested in participating in the Suzano trainee selection process must enroll by September 17, through the selection hotsite.

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August 26, 2021 2:01 PM