Tardelli predicts his debut at Santos and praises Diniz: “It was fundamental”

Diego Tardelli was introduced as a Santos reinforcement this Friday, but he will still need some time to make his debut.

As the last match for Atlético-MG was in May, the forward goes through a physical reconditioning process. The expectation is to be available against Bahia (Brazilian Championship) or Athletico (Brazil Cup), on September 11th and 14th.

“Tomorrow I still can’t go on the field, due to the downtime. It’s been almost two months. I’ve worked on my own, but I still don’t feel ready to play. But everything has its time, it’s important for me to be here and prepared,” he said. Tardelli, new shirt 99 of Santos.

“I believe that in two and a half weeks at most I will be able to play. We started to work on the physical part, each day evolving more. This week was very productive. I should play between Bahia and the return game against Athletico. It depends on me, how I feel on the field. We have important dialogue, asks (Fernando Diniz) all the time how I am. I should be on the field in a couple of weeks”, he added.

The 36-year-old striker still defended himself from criticism over his injury record. And he valued taking care of his body.

“I take care of myself a lot, my body and diet. I don’t have this tendency with weight. I take care of myself because I know I’m 36 years old and I need to work every day. 2020 was very difficult for me because of my ankle injury, I lost almost seven months. people commenting on Tardelli having a lot of injuries, but it’s a lie. I only had the one on the ankle, a tragedy in quotes. We never expected an ankle dislocation, a broken fibula… Due to downtime, I had a posterior injury, normal due to downtime The most important thing is that I take care of myself. I can yield a lot with my body and preparation. And let’s go. I’m doing everything to get in shape, working day by day and it will work out very well. Young team will help me even more, The team moves a lot and I have this as a characteristic. It has everything to be a good idea,” he said.

boss’s trust

Coach Fernando Diniz asked for the hiring of Diego Tardelli. The idea was to have it in May, at the end of the contract with Atlético-MG, but Santos only accepted the negotiation now.

“Diniz was fundamental in my coming. This relationship with Santos is not new, I was approached several times, at Atlético or in China. DIniz’s connection helped a lot, he gave me the idea, the desire to work with me and it was reciprocal. Very good conversation. and fast too. I spent my desire to return, to play again in Brazil. When I left Atlético I had a different thought (going abroad), but Diniz’s call reinforced my coming. I hope we have great success together. people win games to have peace of mind in the Brazilian Championship and Copa do Brasil,” he explained, before talking about where he can play.

“I had this conversation with Diniz right after my arrival, about where to play. He knows my characteristics, I like to move around a lot, despite playing as a 9. I can easily come from behind and create for myself and for my teammates. to him and let’s understand each other. I’ve already been 9, point for the right and left and even half”, concluded.

Diego Tardelli signed with Santos until December, with the possibility of renewal until the end of the 2022 São Paulo Championship.

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