Thalia celebrates 50 years only in a bathing suit and makes an emotional reflection

Thalia, Mexican actress and singer, used Instagram this Thursday (26), and celebrated her 50th birthday in style, with the right to a themed photo shoot, only in a swimsuit by the pool.

The famous one, known in Brazil to this day for her works in the ‘Trilogia das Marias’ – Maria Mercedes, Marimar and Maria of the Neighborhood -, made an emotional reflection on the arrival of the fiftieth anniversary, and dedicated his thanks to his family, friends and fans.

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“Happy Birthday to me! 50. And so I live my life “without taking into account” these bad experiences, but rather learning from them. Not counting the people who hurt me, but valuing the people who love me”, she said, in an excerpt from the publication that brings together several clicks of just a bathing suit, alongside a decoration dedicated to her age.

“Without realizing the social or economic value of people, but the feeling of peace, joy and affection I feel when I am with them. Regardless of age or weight, as my body is nothing more than the vehicle that my soul drives so that it can develop on this plane.” Thalia continued, in snippet. “The reality is that your life is recomposed to live it taking into account that the most wonderful and important thing of all … is LOVE”, he added.

“Thank you Father God for picking me up in the center of your hand. (…) I thank my family and friends for their love and company. And to my dear FANS (family, friends, children, dreamers) thank you very much! To celebrate in style! Happy birthday girl T!”, finished the Mexican star, in a post that has already surpassed 1 million likes.

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