The Masked Singer Brazil: Globo trades reality sensation for football

The Masked Singer Brazil
Ivete Sangalo and Marcelinho Carioca, last eliminated from The Masked Singer Brasil; Globo suspends reality show to show football (Image: Kelly Fuzaro / Globo)

O The Masked Singer Brazil will give up your schedule in two weeks to the Globe broadcast football matches coming soon. The attraction’s audience will need to hold back their anxiety, as they will not discover masks on September 7th and October 12th.

On the first date, the Rio station will broadcast Corinthians x Juventude, a match valid for the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship. The duel between the teams will take place at Neo Química Arena and will have the ball rolling from 9:30 pm.

On October 12, Globo will air Brazil x Uruguay, another important match in the World Cup qualifiers. As well as the Brasileirão match, the Brazilian team’s match is also scheduled to take place during the channel’s prime time, but details have not yet been released.

The exhibitions of the games in the next two holidays were already planned in the network’s programming and, therefore, they had already been included in the commercial plan of the reality show presented by Ivete Sangalo. With this, the schedule of the attraction remains unchanged until its final, on October 19th.

math error

Speaking on the program, in this week’s edition, Globo missed a calculation error during one of the votes. In the duel between the Arara and the Astronaut, the first character had received 62% of the votes, while the other 43%. However, these values ​​added together give a total of 105%. Different from what was shown during the reality show, Gshow announced the true result after the program: “The Arara wins the fight, with 62% of the public’s votes. Astronaut receives 38%”.

come there

Confessions of an Excluded Girl

The film Confessions of an Excluded Girl, based on the book by Thalita Rebouças – now a reporter for The Voice Kids –, premieres on Netflix on September 22nd. Klara Castanho heads the production, centered on a girl who, after years of facing bullying from schoolmates, has the chance to “start over”. Unemployed parents leave Barra de Tijuca towards their grandparents’ house in Copacabana. At the new school, Tetê, or Tetê do Cecê (Klara), has the support of also excluded Davi (Gabriel Lima) and Zeca (Marcus Bessa).

Directed by Bruno Garotti, screenplay by Thalita Rebouças, Flávia Lins and Christiana Oliveira and guest appearances by Stepan Nercessian, Rosane Gofman, Lucca Picon, Kiria Malheiros, Júlia Rabello, Caio Cabral and Alcemar Vieira, Confessions of an Excluded Girl reinforces Netflix’s bet in national content.

By the way…

Another national feature film from Netflix, 7 prisoners, will be screened on the next 6th at the 78th Venice International Film Festival. Christian Malheiros and Rodrigo Santoro star in the work, selected for the Orizzonti Extra competitive category. The streaming guarantees that 7 Prisioneiros, directed by Alexandre Moratto – also a screenwriter, with Thayná Mantesso – will be made available to subscribers later this year. The plot follows Mateus (Malheiros), victim of a work system analogous to slavery in the junkyard commanded by Luca (Santoro).

More and more Brazil

The 78th Venice International Film Festival will also feature, at Venice Days, private desert, new production by Aly Muritiba – director of O Caso Evandro, by Globoplay. Through Daniel (Antonio Saboia), following a young woman with whom he corresponded through cell phone applications, the narrative discusses “male affections in contemporary Brazil”, words of the director.

Turn up the sound

Lucas Burgatti

behold Lucas Burgatti, Eric from The Adventures of Poliana, featured for the Star+ series about the trajectory of Silvio Santos. In the plot, the actor plays Lucca, leader of the boyband Ludos, on the rise in the agitated music scene of the 1980s – any resemblance to Dominó and Polegar, stamps stamped from SBT’s auditorium shows at the time, should not be a mere coincidence…

I’m really excited about this acting opportunity because the break from recording ‘Poliana’ allowed me to dedicate myself to music in that quarantine, and I even released a really cool new sound called ‘Desabafo’. Choosing me for the role of leader of a band is amazing, because it brings together two of my passions: music and acting, and I did my best”, celebrates.

Duh Secco and Luiz Fábio Almeida

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