TikTok bans milk carton challenge after accidents; doctors warn of the risks of the ‘challenge’

My God, look at the danger! This Wednesday (25), TikTok decided to remove a trend that was booming on the platform: the Milk Crate Challenge, the milk carton challenge, in free translation. In the United States, the hashtag of the videos garnered more than 15 million views, and consisted of people walking over a pile of plastic containers to transport the gallons.

The objects were unstable, but they didn’t stop men and women from climbing up and down the stacks. Most Internet users who tried to carry out the challenge ended up falling or tripping badly, running the risk of serious injury. American doctors began to warn of the possible consequences of the challenge.

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“You run the risk of falling and hitting your head, breaking your neck and becoming paralyzed. May injure the wrist. I think it’s just something silly people are doing because it looks stupid”, explained Chad Cannon, a physician at the University of Kansas, in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

Milk Crate Challenge had over 15 million views on TikTok (Play/Youtube)

In addition to being dangerous, the trend was also being criticized in the US because of the increasing cases of contamination of the delta variant of the coronavirus in the country, which are increasingly worrying. Is that the tiktokers would be filling medical centers by practicing the challenge, thus taking away the hospital bed from those who really need it.

Other health agencies and even celebrities took a stand in relation to those who practiced the challenge. “With hospitalizations for Covid-19 on the rise in the country, make sure the nearest hospital has beds available before trying #milkcratechallenge”, wrote the Baltimore City Department of Health. Already George Takei, known for his role in “Star Trek”, mocked the situation this Wednesday (25). “You will try the challenge, but you will not be vaccinated. I understood”, wrote the star.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an American institute dedicated to sanitary surveillance, also made an accurate comment, after comedian Conan O’Brien joked that the agency’s employees should grant permission before anyone practiced the challenge.

“Waiting for FDA approval before accepting the Milk Crate Challenge”, tweeted O’Brien this Monday (23). The FDA responded shortly afterwards, writing: “Although we regulate the milk, we cannot recommend that you try this. Maybe enjoy a good glass of milk with 2% fat content and return all the boxes to the supermarket?”.

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After all the confusion, the video platform issued a statement to Fast Company magazine this Wednesday (25), explaining why the application challenge was withdrawn: “TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts. We removed the videos and directed searches to our community guidelines to discourage such content. We encourage everyone to be cautious in their behavior, whether on or off the internet.”