Titi Müller discovered with single friends the ‘new nude’ of the pandemic

Ending a relationship and facing single life is not usually easy, much less in a pandemic. For Titi Müller, a newcomer to the world of the separated, it is a difficult task to understand how dating is working. “The only thing I realized is that the vaccination card is the new nude”, says the presenter in an interview with splash.

In conversations with single friends, Titi reveals that she has discovered that there are also those who choose their partner for the immunization that he took and asks the brand of the vaccine as if to say: “Do you show a breast?”.

Recently, the presenter revealed to Revista TPM that she had separated from her then-husband Tomás Bertoni, with whom she had her son Benjamin. Because the termination is recent, Titi Müller doesn’t even know how she will deal with singleness during the coronavirus pandemic period.

I talked to many single friends, but they didn’t tell me the truth because they wanted to meet my baby. Only later did I find out that people had sex a lot in this pandemic, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be single in the pandemic.


But what about Tinder? Titi says she hasn’t entered the dating app yet and, at the moment, she wants to arrange to meet her friends who, like her, have already taken the immunizing agent: “have a wine with the windows open”. The presenter has already been vaccinated and, by telling the fact, the splash, made an understandable mistake: “I’m already immunized, so is my husband. Oh, I failed! Still too recent.”


About the separation, she speaks lightly and says she considers herself privileged by the way the relationship ended.

In this boom of separation that happened during the pandemic, you have the opportunity to do this [separar] in a lucid, sane, healthy, friendly, loving, affectionate, and two-apartment way. People are working today to eat tomorrow, so it’s a huge privilege.

Titi Müller believes that the example our parents, uncles and grandparents set may have caused a “very distorted form” of marital love. “Maybe that’s why people get into abusive and toxic relationships without knowing it, and then we can’t get out, because after all, they survived.”

But it’s not about surviving, it’s about living and enjoying the best of every relationship. And my biggest commitment is to show my son that this is love and that his father is happy too, and we are already happy, regardless of the configuration.

Titi Müller with her ex-husband and son Benjamin;  the presenter split recently - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Titi Müller with her ex-husband and son Benjamin; the presenter broke up recently

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

the after

The repercussion of the termination announcement generated a wave of positive reactions that shocked her. Among private messages and on social networks, one caught more attention and Müller shared with the report:

It’s absolutely f***ing, to see you being whole, in the unbridled pursuit of happiness. I think that’s one of the most exciting things about you: the quest for love and the joy of life. I rethought many other things,
says a message you received.

She says she was congratulated several times for her courage in making the fact public, but Müller understands differently. “For me it’s inevitable: the moment I open my camera here, I can’t speak anything but my truth.”

In my stories, in front of the camera, at a festival, in a bar with friends – which I hope to be back soon – with my family, with my co-workers. That’s me, I came with this chip. I know it’s very difficult for a lot of people to expose themselves, but I don’t see it as courage, because it’s inevitable and very natural. And if it’s not supposed to be that way, it just isn’t.

Titi Müller with her son, Benjamin - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Titi Müller with her son Benjamin

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

For her, the good reception to the separation happened because “everything was well thought out, it was very elaborated between the couple, with the greatest respect in the world”.

Titi Müller returns to work next Friday, 27th, at 6 pm, with the premiere of the eighth season of “Anota Aí”, at Multishow.