Tobey Maguire dominates Google after trailer release

How could it be otherwise, Spider-Man: No Return Home dominated public interest this past week after the release of its first trailer. Interestingly, the name most sought after by Brazilians in this period is not even confirmed in the feature. Tobey Maguire, first movie theater wall climber, topped the ranking of most wanted actors in the Google, after his searches between Monday (23) and Thursday grow 1400% in relation to the previous four days. According to the tool’s communication consultancy, its successors, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland took the sixth and fifth place, respectively. By the way, the duo was surpassed by Maguire, Jackie Chan, Viviane Araujo and Paolla Oliveira.

Although Holland surpasses Maguire’s total number of searches in history, the current owner of the Spider-Man mask never managed to reach the same peak in searches as its predecessor, which dominated Google searches in July 2004, when Spider-Man 2 premiered in theaters.

Searches related to the Spider’s films have also grown in the last seven days – check out the five most searched:

  • When does Spider-Man come out in theaters?
  • When does the new Spider-Man movie come out?
  • How did Peter Parker die?
  • Why is Andrew Garfield no longer Spider-Man?
  • Why is Tobey Maguire no longer Spider-Man?

With growth, Spider man became the most searched movie on Google

Spider-Man: No Return Home will feature the return of several former stars of the franchise: from Jamie Foxx, from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, again as the villain Electro; The Alfred Molina, from Spider-Man 2, as Doctor Octopus.

The premiere of Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man feature is set for December 16th.