Understand how Corinthians won the competition to bring Roger Guedes to the club

Although it has not been made official, Roger Guedes will be a Corinthians player for the next seasons and this hiring needed to bring together a number of factors to reach this point. In addition to the player’s desire to defend the alvinegro mantle, the club had internal agents and a medium-term plan for the striker to shine on his return to Brazilian football.

Roger Guedes will play for Corinthians for the next seasons (Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atlético-MG)

Roger Guedes will play for Corinthians for the next seasons (Photo: Bruno Cantini/Atlético-MG)

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After seven months of negotiation, Roger Guedes’ staff managed to get clearance from Shandong Luneng. Timão, just over a month ago, managed to spell out the agreement with the athlete, but it still depended on the contract termination in China to actually complete the deal, which ended up happening at the beginning of the week, when the outcome became imminent.

The player’s desire to play for Corinthians was never hidden in the contacts between the club’s board and representatives. This, of course, was a preponderant factor for the agreement to be closed so faithfully that it did not give a chance to the competition, which tried to get through the situation.

But it wasn’t just that. Guedes has close friends within the Corinthians squad, such as Fábio Santos, with whom he worked at Atlético-MG and established a very strong relationship, and Gil and Renato Augusto, contemporaries in Chinese football. The defender, even, was the forward’s club partner in Shandong and both have been constantly exchanging comments on the social network.

In addition, the Corinthians leaders presented a convincing project to restructure the club and quickly return to the fight for the main titles in the country and the continent. The signings of Giuliano and Renato Augusto were part of the persuasion, as a demonstration of strength and the quest to strengthen the team with different players, especially in attack.

Another factor is that Roger Guedes arrives without so much obligation to give immediate results, since the goal in Brasileirão, the only competition the club competes in in 2021, is a spot in Libertadores, which is currently a reality. The collection for titles will not happen at this time, when the striker will need physical reconditioning and readaptation to Brazilian football, since he has not been on the field for more than eight months.

It is worth remembering that the collection, in a cast that started to have more quality names, will be divided and not focused on just one person, as could happen in the case of a big contract like this. This could happen, for example, in a club that is fighting for titles. A finish now would bring enormous responsibility in the event of tournament failures.

Finally, the possibility of helping to rebuild Corinthians and stand out on the national scene at the age of 24 could be a great showcase for the Brazilian team in these months before the World Cup in Qatar, at the end of 2022. Both he and his fatigue they know the greatness of the club and how much it can project the athlete, who has the potential to become a Fiel idol.