Unimed São Carlos performs live on August Golden

Unimed São Carlos performs live on August Golden -

Today, Thursday, 26, starting at 4:30 pm, Unimed São Carlos will hold a live on August Golden: Month dedicated to encouraging breastfeeding.

The live will have the participation of the pediatrician, André Luis Giusti, the psychologist, Marília Graciela, and the obstetric nurse, Laura Carvalho, will also be present.

Follow the transmission on Unimed São Carlos’ official page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/unimedsaocarlos), share and send your questions.


Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for babies and the most economical and efficient form of protection to reduce infant mortality rates, being able to reduce the death rates of children under five by up to 13%, according to the Ministry Health. Breastfeeding protects the child from diseases such as diarrhea, respiratory infections and allergies, in addition to preventing the risk of developing hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity in adulthood.

The Golden August symbolizes the fight to encourage breastfeeding – the golden color is related to the gold standard of quality of breast milk. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), around six million lives are saved each year because of the increase in exclusive breastfeeding rates until the sixth month of age .

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