Unlike food, gasoline and light empty the pockets of the poor and rich – Economy

THE Higher Gasoline and Electricity Bill Prices have left inflation heavy for the richest as well.

“If last year inflation affected only the poor, in 2021 it is reaching everyone. We can even say that it is more democratic this year”, says economist André Braz, coordinator of the IPC (Consumer Price Index) of the FGV-IBRE (Brazilian Institute of Economics).

Braz says that in 2021 what has attracted the most attention are energy drinks. the water crisis made electricity more expensivea because of the tariff flags that are currently operating on red 2, which is the maximum level, which resulted in a 52% readjustment in July.

“This has weighed heavily on the family budget.”

Another item that keeps increasing the price is gasoline. Braz recalls that both electricity and gasoline directly affect high-income families.

“Energy is even more democratic because we find it in most homes, while gasoline is more who has a car. If, on the one hand, gasoline puts pressure on the costs of the richest, the LPG gas price (cylinder) it weighs on the poor”, he points out.

This spread of inflation, according to the economist, has been making the population realize how much costs are putting more and more pressure on the family budget.

Today, according to the official index, the IPCA of the IBGE, the accumulated inflation in the last 12 months is at 8.99%. And the expectation is that it will exceed 9% between August and September.

The water crisis, points out Braz, has not only made electricity bills more expensive. She has thwarted several vintages.

“We saw the breakdown of the corn crop, which also affects chicken farming, sugar, which affects the production of refined sugar and ethanol, coffee… you go to the supermarket and find expensive meat because of the rations that suffered highs. So, there is no lack of villains for inflation.”

Professor Claudio Felisoni de Angelo, president of Ibevar (Brazilian Institute of Retail Executives), agrees with Braz that “inflation is more democratic” and that it has been generating a generalized increase in products and services.

“Each family has its basket of consumption of products and services. Mine is different from yours and so on. As the prices of electricity and fuel rise, the increase will be distributed to more social classes”, says Angelo .

Milk raises inflation and liters of gasoline reaches R$ 6

Data from IPCA-15 of August, considered a preview of the official inflation of the month, released on Wednesday (25), show that the accumulated increase in 12 months has already reached 9.30%. In the month, the index advanced 0.89%, the biggest increase for the month since 2002, when it rose 1%.

On the other hand, the prices of onion (-15.94%), potato (-14.77%), fruit (-1.33%) and rice (-1.14%) remain in decline .

In food away from home, which rose 0.52%, the movement was inverse. Both the prices of snacks (+0.55%) and meals (+0.53%) decelerated compared to June, when they registered increases of 1.67% and 0.86%, respectively.

The rises in long life milk (+4.09%), chicken in pieces (+3.09%), meat (1.74%) and French bread (+1.81%) contributed to this acceleration.


O average diesel oil price hit the third consecutive week increase in gas stations in Brazil, while the prices of gasoline and ethanol also rose, indicated a survey published by the ANP (National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels) on Friday (20).

According to a survey by the regulatory agency, regular gasoline, in turn, had an even more significant increase, approaching for the first time the mark of R$ 6 per liter in the average price.

With a 1.53% jump over this week, the average price of fuel reached R$ 5.956 per liter, second consecutive week of gains.

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