Video: Protesters protest in front of Rede Globo after arrest of leader of Gas Consultoria Bitcoin

“Globo network, where are you, GAS doesn’t need you” – that’s what protesters in front of Rede Globo shout in chorus, in a protest against the arrest of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, leader of GAS Consultoria, a company identified by the Federal Police as a financial pyramid.

This Thursday (26th) afternoon, several of the company’s customers made a march in favor of the company’s leader. They are angry with Globo network because the network exposed the possible pyramid scheme in several stories on Fantástico.

you’re paying right

According to the company’s clients, there is no crime, they say that GAS Consulting is “paying right”, and “paying upfront, for 9 years.”

The Federal Police found R$ 20 million in cash at the company’s leader’s house. The defense attorney said the arrest “was a surprise” and that he sees no crime in the millions found in the client’s home.

The Military Police was called to accompany the demonstrations and during the protests, the company’s clients demanded the release of Glaidson.

GAS Consultoria promised 10% profit on investments in bitcoin. According to the Federal Police (PF), however, the company did not invest in bitcoins – profits were paid to customers while other people’s money entered.

Despite this, the demonstrations continue with clients attacking the Globo network and claiming that the station’s stories were “distorted”.

“We want the father on the loose, we are here in front of the filth, the Globo network dump, protest against Globo, Globo distorts every report, it takes it in a distorted way, GAS 9 years has always paid well, we are a family.” – says one of the protesters.

seized bitcoins

According to the Federal Police, at least 591 bitcoins were seized in the Kriptos operation, which started on Wednesday (25), resulting in the arrest of the company’s leader.

The cryptocurrencies were in hardware wallets in the possession of the investigated and were seized. The amounts have already been transferred from the devices to others held by the Federal Public Ministry, but the process of custody of these coins is in judicial secrecy.

The amount will be at the disposal of the federal court for any requests for refunds from clients that are processed in the Brazilian judiciary.