Virginia Fonseca put a cute click with her daughter and Pedro Leonardo melts: ”Beautiful uncle”

Virginia Fonseca made a beautiful statement for the heiress, Maria Alice, the result of her marriage to Zé Felipe

Maximum Cuteness Alert! Virginia Fonseca (22) enchanted internet users this Thursday, 26, after publishing beautiful records alongside the heiress, the little Maria Alice, only two months.

In the feed, the influencer came up with the baby and posted a beautiful and cute statement: “Every day I love you more! 1000x more! A love that cannot be defined with words. Everything for you and for you my life”, he wrote.

Through the comments, Pedro Leonardo (34), brother of Joe Felipe (23), was melted by the youngest of the family: “Beautiful Uncle Pedro”, he declared.

– Right after waking up, Virgínia Fonseca melts for Zé Felipe and Maria Alice: ”I love our life”

Pedro Leonardo enchants the web with the click of his daughter next to her grandfather, Leonardo

In recent days, Pedro Leonardo showed one of his heiresses in a moment of affection with his grandfather, the country singer Leonardo (58). “This is the cutest photo you’ll see today!”, he wrote, which then ended: “Mavie and Grandpa, I love so much”, declared.

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