Vitão vents about hate attacks on the internet: ‘Toxic and dangerous’

Vitão, 22, vented about people’s hateful attacks on the internet. The singer stated that the speeches can lead to a toxic and dangerous path.

“Because humans are this animal to be studied, which has a lot of hatred in their hearts, many of us (the internet) end up being a no man’s land. Especially at this time of difficulty in our country, it ends up taking us down a toxic path and dangerous,” said the singer.

In an interview with Ingrid Ohara, on MTVixe, on YouTube, the singer said that he preferred to stay away from the internet last year, but the work forced him to return to the networks. “This past year, I did a big internet detox. It’s hard because I depend on it because of my job,” he said.

In the interview, Vitão told a little about his music creation process. “Since when I started writing when I was 13, 14 years old, I’ve always been very autobiographical in everything. This has continued until today, because everything I live is very connected [na música]. I used to write on the bus, on the subway, on my cell phone. I saw people and landscapes and kept writing,” he says.

In another moment, Vitão talked about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Luísa Sonza, and that she even asked about being an inspiration in the songs written by him. “Lisa [Sonza] even when I write something, it turns out it’s for her. She’s always happy,” he said.

The singer said that, in the last release of his ex-girlfriend, “Sweet 22”, they wrote together. The two wrote about the experience and the story of her and the two when they were a couple.

Vitão said he has no idea what profession he would follow if he didn’t pursue a musical career. “I’ve never been interested in anything else. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always said I’d be screwed if it didn’t work out in music,” he said.