Viviane Araújo is detonated by a professor, who exposes the backstage of a Globo program

Viviane Araújo
Viviane Araújo was detonated by a teacher (Image: Press Release / Globo)

Viviane Araújo goodbye to Super Dance of the Famous, by Globo, last Sunday (22), and continues to cause. The famous one received a lower rating from the public than its competitor, Dandara Mariana, and for that reason left the program.

To UOL, Adeilton Ribeiro, who taught the actress at the beginning of the competition, revealed that the attitude she took against him was one of the reasons the audience chose Dandara. The dancer, it should be remembered, was changed after rumors that she was dissatisfied with her work.

“What Viviane did was not forgotten. She was unfair and the public took this into account. I stayed in the victim’s place, even without victimizing myself. You don’t change a professional in the field in the middle of a competition. I’m a dancer and a teacher, it couldn’t have been changed like that. People had a lot of empathy for my story and hugged me,” said the teacher.

Adeilton stated that he is a friend of the professor who replaced him, Rodrigo Oliveira, and praised the work done by the professional after his departure from the Globo program.

However, he revealed another factor for the actress to have left the dispute: “A presentation with many flaws. Rodrigo is a great professional, but he can’t do everything alone. There were technical flaws from Viviane, which is normal, but that was visible. Anyway, the result was great for them”.

Adeilton assured that Viviane Araújo still didn’t talk anymore after he left the Super Dance of the Famous. “I was hurt when I was nervous, angry, but today I would talk. Viviane needed to take responsibility for herself“, he said.

“I could say: ‘I didn’t do well and I’m going to settle down with my partner.’ We cannot leave blaming the other, it was a team effort, and the truth is the best solution. Unfortunately, I can’t change the other person’s mind and I only speak for myself“he commented.

The professional confessed that he tried not to be discouraged and has already analyzed job proposals: “They asked me to dance outside Brazil, to travel. I’m still getting it right and seeing the opportunities“.

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