Volkswagen T-Cross 2022: see prices, photos and official news

On the 13th, the World of Automobile for PwD released details of the new 2022 lineup of Nivus and T-Cross, Volkswagen’s compact SUVs. Despite the wealth of details, some information was missing and so were the official prices. Soon, we came to bring more news of the model that is coming to stores soon.

We had previously commented that the model loses the manual 200 TSI version, starting the range from now on in the Sense 200 TSI AT version which, contrary to our expectations, will not be discontinued for the time being and gains new features. The entire T-Cross range now features the brand’s new emblem launched on Nivus, in addition to the version that was once exclusive for PwD to gain a new internal color. The suggested public price jumps from R$ 93,390 to R$ 96,290 in the Sense version.

Moving now to the 200 TSI version, in addition to the new emblem, the brand’s new steering wheel will also compose the version, as well as all the others to follow. In addition, the Taos Comfortline’s 8-inch digital panel arrives on the model in this configuration. Here, a price of BRL 119,790, compared to BRL 100,640 for the T-Cross 200 TSI AT 2021.

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In the Comfortline 200 TSI version, the 17-inch wheels are finished in black, induction charger and optional leather seats in a new color: Deep Blue. Suggested price of BRL 134,900 against BRL 130,190 in the previous model year.

The Highline 250 TSI version undergoes the same changes as the previous version and now costs R$ 144,790 against R$ 139,890 for the 2021 line. In addition, all versions now have Sunset Red as a color option instead of Crimson Red.

Photos: Volkswagen T-Cross 2022

We would like to thank Rogério Ricce, direct sales consultant at VW Caraigá Jardins, for providing updated prices. Contact: (11) 98927-7818

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