Wallace sets record and wins gold in Tokyo

Wallace Santos broke the Paralympic and world record, and won the gold medal in shot put at the Tokyo Paralympics. The athlete surpassed himself and threw 12.63m beating all his opponents. He competed in the F54 and F55 classes (for athletes who compete in wheelchairs with sequelae from polio, spinal cord injuries or amputations) and won an unprecedented medal in his career, breaking the record in the F55 class.

His best mark was 11.98 meters, and this season, he had done 11.69 meters. In the test, he failed on the second attempt, but in the other shots he made 12.15m, 11.96m, 12.46m, 12.45m and 12.63m. The silver medal went to Bulgarian Ruzhdi Ruzhdi, who did 12.23 meters, and the bronze medal went to Polish Lech Stoltman, who did 12.15m.

After the victory, the Brazilian dedicated the achievement to his late coach in an interview with “SporTV”: “I dedicate this victory to God, because yesterday I was crying for him and today he gave me the song “crying lasts a night, but joy comes in the morning” and man, I want to dedicate to a person who put me in Tokyo before she died, my trainer Jurema Henrique, who died now in preparation, at the beginning of the pandemic, and thank God she managed to get me classified. and I just have to thank her”.

“And another person who died and I thought about stopping, my uncle Jorge, who raised me and played the role of a father when I always needed a father, I wish him and all my family this victory. I have to thank her, she plays with me who caught me in the fire and I went to see my psychologist CecĂ­lia, I went to get her at one month to go to Tokyo. “Wallace, you come with a fire, with a bomb, but I’m a firefighter and let’s go”, she managed to do, I entered very focused, I knew I would do my best, if my best was awarded, I would be too happy. The mental work she (psychologist) spoke of visualization, visualizing what she wanted, visualized and even passed, the goal was 12.47m, and thank God I managed to go beyond and put my name in history,” added Wallace.

The athlete started in Paralympic sport in 2013 in a project of the military police in Rio de Janeiro, after fracturing a vertebra in his lumbar spine in an accident involving a bus at the company he worked for. With great influence from Jonas Licurgo, a former Paralympic athlete, who lent his chair to Wallace, the Brazilian dedicated himself and was called up for the Brazilian team in 2016 to compete in the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

beyond the gold paralympic, Wallace won gold in the shot put at the Games in 2019 Parapan Americans de Lima 2019 and arrived with medal hopes in Tokyo, achieving the feat with an incredible record.