WhatsApp pro-flirt: app tests reactions in messages

Although WhatsApp is the darling of instant messaging users, it is not usually the best option when it comes to flirting. Strange? We explain: those who chat using other types of chat, such as Instagram directs or Facebook Messenger, for example, can be much more economical with words. All because, in competition, there is the ability to react to a specific message – which can be vital when it comes to leaving something unspoken.

Did the person of interest send an ingratiating message? Just leave a couple of eyes in the comment, like someone who doesn’t want anything. Did you laugh at what elx said? With a face you indicate that you “cry with laughter” for that particular comment. For more direct flirts, the classic firecracker emoji is the right choice. It’s a great tactic for not missing the timing of the conversation by adding a new message – and still delivering a clear message.

The good news for hardcore zap fans is that there are indications that the service will follow the trend of rival chats, also embracing reactions in messages.

The feature has been tested by the application’s developers, as revealed on Wednesday by the specialized website WABetaInfo, and should be released in a beta version. The tests, however, are still in the initial phase of implementation.

A screenshot taken by the WABetaInfo website indicates that the message reaction feature is being tested
A screenshot taken by the WABetaInfo website indicates that the message reaction feature is being tested

The screenshot you see above was taken from the WABetainfo website. In it, a text message indicates to the user that he has received a reaction. To see what it was and the comment that received it, however, whoever uses it needs to update the application. This indicates that the feature should be included in future versions of the app.

It is unclear, however, when exactly the functionality should be incorporated. As WhatsApp has not yet commented on the change, emoji fans will still have to wait for new guidelines from the company to be able to count on the feature.

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Moral of the story? Online flirting is an art. And when it comes to flirting, it’s worth using the best techniques to guarantee your masterpiece.