Wholesale chain announces second store in Sorocaba, generating 600 jobs

The wholesale network Atacadão announced on Thursday (26) the construction of the second store in Sorocaba. It will be in the north of the city. The planned investment will be of R$ 80 million and the generation of 600 new job openings, between direct and indirect. The announcement was made to Mayor Rodrigo Manga Republicanos), along with the secretaries of Economic Development, Labor and Tourism (Sedettur), Robson Coivo, and of Planning (Seplan), Paulo Henrique Marcelo.

The visit of the Sorocaba City Hall included the chain’s executive director, Adriano Ferreira de Souza, and the expansion manager, Renata Bezerra Mafsovich. They signed a letter of intent with the Sorocaba City Hall for the construction of the new store, which is expected to go into operation in the year 2021. The new unit will be in a plant of 16,880 square meters.

“As with our first store in Sorocaba, we are counting on the support of the PAT (Workers’ Service Post) to help us fill the available vacancies,” said the executive director.

“This is great news for the city of Sorocaba and, for sure, it will be another boost in the path of development and income generation in the municipality. We are very happy that the company decided to invest in the opening of its second unit here and help generate so many new jobs in the city”, said Mayor Rodrigo Manga.

“Certainly, the company took into account, in its prospecting, the growth of Sorocaba, combined with the consumption capacity of the population of Sorocaba and the Metropolitan Region. In addition, the installation of one more store, focused on wholesale sales, helps in the sector’s competitiveness, pushing food basket prices down. The city wins, for receiving more investments, with the creation of new jobs and income; the company wins, which invests in a municipality with promising numbers; and the population gains, with another option for shopping and also for work”, assesses the secretary of Economic Development, Labor and Tourism, Robson Coivo.

There is still no information on how the selection process will be. The chain already has a store in the city, on the banks of the Raposo Tavares highway. This protocol of intentions adds to the investments that are already taking place in Sorocaba in the sector, with Higa Atacado, at Juvenal de Campos, Oba Hortifruti, at Engenheiro Carlos Reinaldo Mendes, and Confiança, at Avenida São Paulo. (From the Newsroom)