William Waack detonates Bolsonaro and calls supporters ‘imbecile fanatics’

CNN journalist William Waack detonated President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) in his column in the newspaper Estadão, on Thursday, 26, and called the president’s supporters ‘imbecile fanatics’.

William Waack

Credit: Reproduction/CNNWilliam Waack detonates Bolsonaro and calls supporters ‘imbecile fanatics’

In the text in which he criticizes Bolsonaro for his government, William Waack, who has publicly supported him, stated: “Being so tormented by ghosts, Jair Bolsonaro is making them come true. The idea that the institutional troublemaker would at least need to be declared ineligible is crystallized in circles of the Judiciary, Congress and also among general officers. And the way would be through the higher courts”, he writes in his column.

“Without having created a capillary political organization and without having the support of the chains of command of the Armed Forces, Bolsonaro thinks he is in charge, but he does not command anything except stupid fanatics in social networks who do not know very well until now where the “Palace is” of Winter” to be taken and occupied. They are against a lot of things, but they are still waiting for a specific order from the “myth” about which direction to march and which enemy they need to annihilate,” he analyzed.

Waack says Bolsonaro’s frame of mind is “beyond worrying.” In his column in the newspaper, the journalist has also criticized the way Bolsonaro dealt with the pandemic.

In 2018, the journalist’s position was different. When asked about Bolsonaro’s prejudiced statements, during an interview with Mariana Godoy on RedeTV!, he defended the president

“It is labeled by many opponents as sexist, racist, homophobic… Do you agree with that?” asked Godoy. “No, I don’t agree. I don’t see him in those characteristics at all,” says Waack, a former newscaster for Jornal da Globo who was fired by the network after racist comments in November 2017.

“I think there are a lot of statements and phrases he uttered that offend people. But I don’t see him as a person described as you put in your question”, added the journalist. Godoy took advantage of the answer to continue the questioning. “Do you think a phrase doesn’t define a person’s character?”

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