William Waack on Bolsonaro Supporters: ‘Imbecile Fanticos’ – Politics

Journalist Willian Waack caused in.
Journalist Willian Waack caused a stir on the networks by calling Bolsonaro supporters “stupid fanatics” (photo: CNN/Disclosure)

In an opinion text published this Thursday (9/28) in the newspaper The State of So Paulo, journalist William Waack criticized President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) and his supporters. “Bolsonaro thinks he’s the boss, but he’s in charge of nothing but stupid fanatics on social media,” he said.

the second time in two days that Waack has been named among the most talked about on Twitter. This Wednesday (8/25), the anchor of the CNN Brasil newspaper, when reporting the rejection of the impeachment request of the minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes, in the Federal Senate, demanded a reaction from the president.

“A reaction from Bolsonaro is awaited. And, in this case, the lack of reaction also counts as a reaction”, he said.

Does Bolsonaro live among ghosts?

For Waack, “from tormenting himself with ghosts, Jair Bolsonaro is making them come true.” The journalist stated that the president crystallizes in circles of the Judiciary, Congress and general officers of the army and creates possible parallel realities.

In his text, he argues that Bolsonaro strongly believes that he lives among “corporatists in the public administration, businessmen who have lost money, leftists trained in Cuba, greedy governors and all united around some STF ministers.”

“Those who talk almost daily with the president describe him as possessing a mind-set beyond worrying,” he writes.

a lonely policy

Again, Waack described Bolsonaro’s work as fanciful. “The second aspect that makes the presidential imbalance a real danger is the belief that it would have instruments of power such as the irresistible amount of ‘people in the streets’.”

For the journalist, Bolsonaro has problems from the articulation in the political-juridical plan as well as in the street. “He is isolated”, he emphasizes.

When declaring that they are disoriented, the anchor also took advantage of the space to “snipe” the president’s supporters: “They are against a lot of things, but they still await a specific order from the “myth” about which direction to march and which enemy they need to annihilate”.

Polmics in networks

No Twitter, as declaraes causaram polmica entre os apoiadores de Bolsonaro. The group recalled the reason for Waack’s resignation from Rede Globo, in 2017, to support the arguments.

“And to think that I even defended Waack, here on the networks, when he was fired from Globo, on the accusation of racism”, shared one of the profiles on the social network.

Other profiles took advantage of the opportunity to call for the demonstrations that have been articulated by the Pocket Narista base, in support of the president on 7 September.

“Waack claims that Bolsonaro could become ineligible from the higher courts and that the president does not have the people on his side. Does he not? We will see it on September 7th,” wrote one supporter.