With an eye on 2022, Lula will make a caravan through Minas Gerais in September – Politics

In 2017, Lula closed p
In 2017, Lula ended his trip to Minas Gerais with a speech at Praa da Estao, in Belo Horizonte. (photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press)

Former president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) will make a caravan through Minas Gerais in September. A possible candidate for the Planalto Palace, he will be in the state between the 15th and the 18th of the next month. The information has been confirmed to the State of Minas by the state directory of PT mineiro. Lula has been fulfilling a series of agendas. The visit to Minas Gerais, for example, will follow a tour of the presidential candidate in the Northeast. The strategy of making caravans across the country had already been adopted by the PT leader in the last electoral race. At the time, however, he ended up not running because he was arrested in April 2018.

According to the state president of the PT, Cristiano Silveira, the proposal is that Lula start his walk through Minas in Juiz de Fora, in Zona da Mata, where the PT mayor is Margarida Salomo. An agenda in Contagem, where the Chief Executive Marlia Campos, is also in the plans.

“In Belo Horizonte, activities are being programmed with social movements and political leaders. There is a proposal by the president of the Assembly (Agostinho Patrus, from the PV) to receive former president Lula together with federal and state parliamentarians,” said Silveira.

Also according to the leader, another idea is that Lula also comes across Montes Claros, in the North of Minas.

The former president is a leader in the most recent voting intention polls. Last week, a survey by XP/Ipespe shows that, in an eventual runoff, Lula has 51%, compared to 32% of Jair Bolsonaro (no party), current head of the federal Executive power.

In 2017, when he toured cities in Minas Gerais on a bus, Lula ended the priplo with an event at Praa da Estao, in Belo Horizonte. At the time, the statement was marked by criticism of the reforms of the then President of the Republic, Michel Temer (MDB).


Lula has been free since November 2019, when he left the Federal Police prison in Curitiba (PR). He had been convicted by former judge Sergio Moro in the case of Triplex do Guaruj (SP).

In June of this year, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) decided to make Moro partial in terms of sentencing. The measures taken by the former judge in the case were annulled. In April, the process had been transferred to the Federal Justice of Brasilia.

In the last presidential election, the PT was represented by Fernando Haddad, former mayor of So Paulo and former education minister. The PT was in the second round, a stage in which he received 47,040,906 votes (44.87%) and was defeated by Jair Bolsonaro, chosen by 57,797,847 (55.13%).