Woman is expelled from the zoo after having an affair with a chimpanzee for four years

An unlikely romance has its days numbered by the intervention of the directors of the Antwerp Zoo, in Belgium. After maintaining a four-year relationship with chimpanzee Chita, Belgian Adie Timmermans is forbidden to see her “great love”. Yes, she claims to love and be loved by the animal, and she even has regular meetings.

“The problem is that I’m having an affair with a chimpanzee,” Adie said in an interview with local broadcaster ATV. , showing herself quite upset with the ban. “I love this animal, and it loves me. I don’t have anything else. Why do you want to take this away from me?”, he completed.

Adier and Chita often exchange kisses and waves, separated by a glass wall, on weekly visits. But, she herself confirms that there was never physical contact between the two.

the reason for the separation

It turns out that Adie’s supposed dating would be keeping Chita away from the other chimpanzees in the nursery. According to zoo experts, the ape would be happier if it socialized with its fellow humans, not humans.

“They are leaving Chita aside and they are social animals, who seek contact and play with each other. When they are continually occupied with humans, they have nothing to do when they are alone. For a social animal, that’s not good,” says Sarah Lafaut, the zoo’s curator.

According to reports from caregivers, Chita has been distracted, impatient and indecisive. He reportedly got into fights at the zoo and didn’t fit in well with other chimpanzees.