Xana faints when hearing sad news

In the next chapters of Empire, Xana (Ailton Graça) you will experience a great disappointment. Naná (Viviane Araújo) will arrive with very sad news, which will make the hairdresser lose his mind. Devastated, Xana even faints.

It all starts when Naná makes one of her usual visits to Luciano (Yago Amaral) at the orphanage. The manicurist has long been trying to adopt the boy so he can live with Xana, which has been his will since his mother died.

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However, Naná learns that Luciano will be adopted by another family. And that devastates her. Naná returns home very sad and tells Xana what’s going on. Upon hearing that Luciano will be adopted, the hairdresser loses consciousness and passes out.

Upon waking up, Xana can’t stop crying. “Lorraine (Dani Barros) is right about one thing, I should have had the courage to face the situation. Even if it was to find out what the family court judge’s reaction would be,” says the hairdresser. “Now it’s too late… I’ll never see Luciano again”, she concludes, crying profusely.

Império is a novel written by Aguinaldo Silva, with the collaboration of Márcia Prates, Nelson Nadotti, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Maurício Gyboski, Renata Dias Gomes, Zé Dassilva, Megg Santos and Brunno Pires, under the general direction of Pedro Vasconcelos and André Felipe Binder, and core direction by Rogério Gomes. She is the winner of the 2015 International Emmy for Best Novel.

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