Yanna Lavigne and Bruno Gissoni talk about whether they will have a boy or a girl

Bruno Gissoni and Yanna Lavigne told what the baby’s name will be

The actors Yanna Lavigne and Bruno Gissoni recently announced that they are expecting their second child. The two are proud daddies of little four-year-old Madalena.

In July of this year, the couple informed that the family will increase. The announcement of the new pregnancy was made by the actors’ press office.

On the occasion, Bruno also shared a photo with his beloved on his social networks. In the image, you can see Yanna’s still very discreet belly. As a caption, Bruno wrote only: “4”.

Now Yanna Lavigne, apparently, blurted out whether they will have another girl or a boy. It all happened while the actress was recording some videos with her oldest daughter.

Along with Madalena, the famous showed some gifts she received from children’s brands. When registering the “baby receipts”, little Mada took one of the pacifiers to play with.

Then Yanna said: “do you want a pacifier, my daughter? That’s your sister’s.” Thus, the actress hinted that the couple will have another girl!

Magdalene, in turn, answered her mother and returned the item. “It’s a baby, right? You’re right, Mom,” said the little one.

Yanna has already confirmed that Mada will indeed have a little sister! When sharing a beautiful photo on her social networks, she wrote: “Lena and Amelia’s mother. Who is always looking for a natural armchair and reflects flyer of the color of your soul”.

The name Amélia is a version of Amália, which has a Germanic origin. It comes from the word “amal” (work, in Portuguese). The name means: hardworking, diligent and active woman.

The enchanting click drew praise from fans. In him, Yanna Lavigne appears sitting in a forest. In the background you can see the reflection of a rainbow.

“Yep, two little girls,” wrote one netizen. While someone else commented: “Bruno shot wonderful women”.

Yet another internet user said: “what a fantastic photo! So, is it another little girl? May it come with great health! I have an Amelia in the family, her nickname is Mel”. While another fan posted: “Lots of love for you. Let Amelia come to play with Mada”.

Yanna Lavigne told what the baby's name will be

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