Zé Neto’s wife releases the verb and makes statement after volume in her husband’s shorts

Natalia Tuscan
Natália Toscano released the verb and spoke about the repercussion of Zé’s photo (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

the woman of Ze Neto, Natalia Tuscan, released the verb after the repercussion that the photo of the singer had. In the image, for those who didn’t see it, the countryman appeared with a short glued on, drawing attention to the volume in his private parts.

A gossip page joked about the photo. “Look at the color of this water! Crystal clear! I would never have the courage to go to a cave like this, the risk of finding a snake like that is very high! (laughter)“Said the Indelicate Gina profile.

Natália responded to the publication, showing that she took the situation with good humor: “It’s really dangerous, Undelicate Gina… I even found one (laughs)“.

The publication by Zé Neto, who is partnered with Cristiano, generated all sorts of comments. “She rubbed her boss and then took this photo”, joked a follower. “Zé Neto can now change his name to Zé Metro”, joked another. “Did he become a baker? You’re carrying a baguette in your pants”, mocked one more. “This photo doesn’t even need to zoom”, reflected a fourth person.

It is worth remembering that the musician went through a real trouble during his trip. According to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, he ended up being stopped by the authorities when he landed at the site.

The reason was the financial issue, as it entered the country at more than ten thousand dollars, which is not allowed, since the maximum ceiling is two thousand (about ten thousand reais).

As he did not declare the rest of the money, he ended up being subjected to embarrassment. However, the famous managed to solve the problem and is already enjoying the trip.

As if that were not enough, the famous also had to deal, when arriving in the country, with the news that a hurricane was passing through the place.

You wake up and see at the door of the hotel: hurricane alert. Look at the weather as it is here. It’s getting dark. There’s a wind that’s already shaking the window here. You can’t see anything, but there’s already a 50km/h wind more or less. I’m terribly worried about this train”, he vented.

Hours later, he showed that the wind brought water into the room: “Looks like someone is trying to get into the room. super quiet to sleep”.

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