12 year old child earns R$ 2 million with whale NFTs

Benyamin Ahmed is the new lucky one in the world of digital assets. The 12-year-old has earned around £290,000 – more than R$2 million in the current conversion – in exchange for a series of digital works he himself developed and affectionately nicknamed ‘Weird Whales’, or ‘Strange Whales’, in free translation.

The young resident of London, UK, sold his works as NFTs – “non-fungible tokens”. Works sold in this format generate a kind of digital certificate of ownership for the buyer.


Benyamin’s small fortune is stored in a digital wallet at Ethereum, which can be both risky and very profitable.

In a cryptocurrency format, the amount purchased by the young person can undergo major changes, whether positive or negative, due to the volatility of the cryptoactives market.

“My advice to other kids who might want to enter this space is not to force yourself to do coding, perhaps because there is peer pressure — just like if you like to cook, cook, if you like to dance, dance, just do the best you can. ”, said the 12-year-old boy, in an interview with BBC.

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Benyamin Ahmed and his brother Yousef are encouraged to code at an early age by their father, Imran, who works in software development and traditional finance.

“It was kind of a fun exercise — but I realized very early on that they were very receptive and very good at it,” said the father.

The collection of 3,350 pixelated whales is not Benyamin’s first and will not be his last creation. The boy has already created another art set inspired by the Minecraft game and is developing more creations with the theme of superheroes.

Featured Image Credits: Reproduction/Social Media/Benyamin Ahmed

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