12 year old makes million dollar fortune after selling whale NFTs

A 12-year-old child from the UK made a small fortune this week after selling one of his media in NFT digital format and profiting from it around two million reais with the image of pixelated whales, copyrighted content created by the boy and which was sold after it was released on his Twitter profile.

This type of media generates a kind of certificate for the buyer attesting to the veracity of the file, something very similar to what we saw in the sale of Zoe Roth’s photograph, which went viral on the Internet because she was smiling in front of a fire.

The file sold for around £290,000, somewhere around BRL 2 million in the current conversion. The small fortune was won by a child residing in the city of London, England, who from the sale of his digital works with whale drawings called by the creator of ‘Weird Whales’.

The amount obtained from the sale was added by the young man to a virtual cryptocurrency portfolio, an attitude that can further increase income if there is an appreciation of this market, however this type of financial investment is considered high risk, as it presents a high variability.

My advice to other kids who might want to enter this space is not to force yourself to do coding, perhaps because there is peer pressure — just like if you like to cook, cook, if you like to dance, dance, just do the best you can” said the boy.

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