3R Petroleum offers $1 billion per refinery and 26 Petrobras fields in Rio Grande do Norte

Petrobras announced this Friday (27/6) that 3R Petroleum made the best offer, in the amount of US$ 1 billion, for the acquisition of the Polo Potiguar, which includes 26 onshore and shallow water fields, including the Clara Camarão refinery, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. The company received binding offers from potential parties interested in acquiring the assets.

“The company clarifies that the conclusion of the transaction will depend on the outcome of the negotiations, as well as the necessary corporate approvals”, says Petrobras in a note.

3R Petroleum confirmed that it entered the negotiation phase for the acquisition of the Polo. “The company clarifies that the execution of the transaction is subject to the success of the negotiations, in addition to the necessary corporate approvals and the consent of the competent regulatory bodies, in particular the ANP and Cade”, he informed.


Sale included Guamaré UPGN

Petrobras’ sales package in Rio Grande do Norte also includes the Potiguar Clara Camarão Refinery (RPCC), with an installed capacity of 39,600 barrels per day, three UPGNs with a capacity of 1.8 million m3/day of natural gas and compression stations collection gas for UPGN cargo, gas lift compressors and gas export compressors.

Among the UPGNs is the one installed in the city of Guamaré, whose access is being negotiated by PetroRecôncavo with Petrobras. Access to the UPGN, scheduled for January 2022, is essential for PetroRecôncavo to fulfill a natural gas supply contract for Potigás, a distributor operating in Rio Grande do Norte.

To Potiguar E&P. subsidiary of Petrorecôncavo, won the public call for the supply of natural gas made by Potigás, a gas distributor that serves Rio Grande do Norte. The company will win a two-year contract for the delivery of 236,000 m3/day of natural gas as of January 2022.

From UPGN, the gas needs to be transported through the TAG network, purchased in 2019 by Engie and by the CDPQ fund.

divestment sliced

The divestment project was divided into three sub-poles by Petrobras.

The Canto do Amaro sub-pole has the largest number of fields, in all, 15. The state-owned company will undo the control of the fields of Canto do Amaro, Barrinha, Barrinha Leste, Barrinha Sudoeste, Benfica, Boa Vista, Fazenda Canaan, Morrinho, Mossoró, Sitting Stone, Goldfinch, Poço Verde, Redonda Profundo, Serra do Mel and Serra Vermelha.

Along with the sub-pole, the company is selling 32 collecting stations, one collecting and compressor station (ECC), three water injection stations (EIA); the administrative and operational base of the company in Mossoró (RN), including a laboratory for oil and water analysis, a maintenance workshop and material stock.

The onshore fields of Alto do Rodrigues, Fazenda Pocinho, Guamaré, Guamaré Southeast, Monte Alegre, Estreito, Serraria and Angico are part of the Alto do Rodrigues sub-pole, where Petrobras is also disposing of 15 fixed steam generators and six steam generators furniture; 30 km steam pipeline, between 8″ and 20″, in addition to the steam control stations.

The buyer will also take the administrative and operational base of Alto do Rodrigues (RN), including maintenance and preservation park for well pipes and material stock.

The company will also dispose of the Cioba, Oeste de Ubarana and Ubarana fields, which together have 28 platforms installed in shallow waters. There are 17 fixed platforms, of which 2 are inhabited, and 11 jacket-type steel platforms.

In 2016, the ANP board extended the validity of the Ubarana contract for nine years, from 2025 to 2034.

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