90% of the population of Curitiba is already vaccinated with at least the 1st dose

Curitiba reached the mark of 90% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose of the immunizing agent against covid-19. This Friday morning, 9,445 people were vaccinated and the estimate is to reach the end of the day with 28 thousand people immunized with the first dose. Those born in the second semester of 1999 and in the first semester of 2000 are being assisted, as well as pregnant and postpartum women.

THE Municipal Health Department (SMS) from Curitiba immunized, until Thursday (26), 1,303,416 people with the first dose of anti-covid vaccine or with the single-dose immunizer (Janssen).


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To date, 1,265,582 people from Curitiba have received the first dose of the vaccine against the new coronavirus. Of this total, the following were vaccinated: 746,628 people from the general population (summoned by age); 213,333 seniors aged 65 or over; 116,737 people with comorbidities; 12,424 pregnant and postpartum women; 8,196 people with disabilities; 82 indigenous peoples; 1,141 homeless people; 7,002 residents, employees and caregivers of long-stay institutions; 97,888 professionals from the city’s health services (including vaccination teams); 16,352 security force workers; 42,585 educators (including teachers and workers in Basic Education and Higher Education) and 1,252 workers in public cleaning.

Complete immunization

In Curitiba, 584,621 people received the second dose of the vaccine until Thursday (26/8) and another 37,834 people received the vaccine in a single dose, completing the anticovid vaccine schedule.

The city has already applied 1,303,416 units of anti-covid vaccine – first and second doses or single dose.

received doses

So far, Curitiba has received from the Ministry of Health, transferred by the Government of Paraná, 2,023,817 doses of vaccines, being 1,294,284 for the first dose, 690,458 for the second dose and 39,075 doses for a single application. The 5% technical reserve is already accounted for in this amount.

The technical reserve is a safety measure, it is part of the logistic protocols and it is necessary to avoid problems in the immunization flow that may be caused by eventual unforeseen events, such as accidental breakage of vials.

The municipality has the capacity to vaccinate up to 30,000 people a day and the progress of the immunization schedule occurs as the doses are sent with the sending of new doses sent by the Ministry of Health to the state government, responsible for distributing batches of the immunizing agent to the municipalities .

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