Actress says she doesn’t want to do soap operas anymore

Fernanda Souza began her career as an actress in “Chiquititas”, and as time went by, she started to present programs, leaving her work in soap operas aside. The artist confirmed that she does not intend to return to the serials, dedicating herself to other activities in showbiz.

She commented on the matter when participating in a live with actress Maria Zilda Bethlem. In the chat, she talked about the sabbatical year she decided to take before the covid-19 pandemic, and stated that she misses her job these days, but doesn’t want to do more soap operas.

“I find it very difficult (to go back to soap operas). Soap opera has a dynamic that demands a lot. Nowadays I prefer to work on projects that have a shorter working time,” reported Fernanda.

I love doing soap operas, I did it for 20 years, (but) it doesn’t fit with the routine of life I want anymore, in relation to my personal life. That balance I want between personal and professional life.

Fernanda said that, during the period she was out of television, she did advertising work and started working as a producer, in what she called the “first audiovisual of her life”. Maria Zilda asked her if she missed acting or performing more, and the answer came straight.

“I miss presenting the most. I like acting, but nowadays, what gives me the most enthusiasm is to present”, he explained.