Adolescents who do not have a ID can get vaccinated with a student ID card and birth certificate, in Fortaleza | Ceará

Adolescents in Fortaleza who do not have an identity card (RG) can present other documents during vaccination against Covid-19. For this audience, there is the alternative of showing the birth certificate and some document with a photo, such as a student ID card or single ticket.

The information was shared by the assistant secretary of Health of Fortaleza, Aline Gouveia, in live held this Friday (27). “For teenagers who do not have a RG, you can take a birth certificate accompanied by a document with a photo, which can be a single ticket or student card”, explained the secretary.

  • Fortaleza City Hall publishes list of teenagers scheduled for Covid-19 vaccine on Monday and Tuesday
  • Covid-19 vaccination in Fortaleza reaches 14-year-old teenagers next Tuesday

The RG is not one of the mandatory documents for registration on the Digital Health platform, of the Health Secretariat of Ceará (Sesa). However, to be scheduled, the teenager must be properly registered. See below the step by step done by G1 for registration.

Fortaleza started vaccinating teenagers under 18 this Thursday (26). The municipality has already released scheduling lists until next Tuesday, when immunization advances for young people born until August 2007. (Check the lists on the link).

With this, Aline Gouveia makes another orientation for this audience. “We recommend that those responsible accompany the teenagers in the vaccination, because we need to ask some questions that, sometimes, teenagers don’t know how to answer, as allergic processes from the past”, reinforces the assistant secretary.

Step by step to register the Covid-19 vaccine

Registration for vaccination is done on the Digital Health website, by Sesa. — Photo: Diego Sombra/HSJ/Reproduction

Registration in Digital Health is a mandatory step for all citizens of Fortaleza before being scheduled for vaccination against Covid-19, regardless of age. Check below the steps to register.

  • The first step is to access the State Registry of Vaccination Against Covid-19 website, and click on the option “I still don’t have a record”.

First step of registration of vaccination in Ceará. — Photo: Sesa/Reproduction

  • Soon after, it is necessary to fill in the personal information about the individual to be registered: country of origin; CPF; full name; mother’s name; date of birth, phone number, gender, race/color and profession (there is an option for those who are not currently working).

It is not mandatory to inform the number of the National Health Card.

Second step of registration of vaccination in Ceará. — Photo: Sesa/Reproduction

  • In the third step, filling in personal information continues, however, with a focus on the registered address.

Third step of registration of vaccination in Ceará. — Photo: Sesa/Reproduction

  • It is necessary to provide an email address and create an access password to complete the registration. The email and password will be used to monitor the vaccination process later.

The system will send a message to the registered email, so that the verification is done and the process consolidated.

Fourth step in the registration of vaccination in Ceará. — Photo: Sesa/Reproduction

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